Validate & Verify Online Profiles

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Veritas is a solution powered by

DigiByte Blockchain, V-ID and AntumID & SoftTech

How it works?

The problem

Social media platforms are being inundated by impostors and fake profiles. By creating a fake account, stealing a name, logo, or profile picture, these fraudulent accounts are able to deceive the general public. These fake profiles can cause serious damage to the reputation or credibility of your personal account, or your growing business. Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself from the growing threat of online impersonation.

The Solution

By combining a full KYC service and the immutable record keeping found in blockchain technology, Veritas-ID is able-to unveil the true-identity of an online profile. Once your profile has been validated through the Veritas-ID platform, users will be able to determine the authenticity of your account, or identify a fake account within seconds.

The goal

Driven by our goal of eliminating fraud, deception, and criminal activity online, Veritas-ID is taking on a mission of the highest social importance.
At Veritas-ID, we aim to become the gold standard for online authentication by continuously expanding our capabilities and services.

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